Spelarpresentation Solna VBK – Damer A, 2017/18

Solna VBK säsongen 2017/18 Div 1 Norra Från vänster Elise Nilsson, Eva Sperling, Elina Elofsson, Page Follet, Jessica Hirvonen, Aileen Sison, Nedre raden från vänster Anne Taipale, Cira Wikström, Nina Rahkola, Lucia Coppo, Eleonor de Luca. Tränare Chris Buchgeister. Foto: Agneta Elmegård



Name: Cira Wikström
Position: Opposite / Right spiker
Height: 175cm
Age: 27
Playing for Solna since: Season 2015/2016
Former clubs: KFUM Eskilstuna, ESC (Finland)
I play volleyball because…I’ve competed in every other ball sport as well but volleyball was the one that finally overcame them all.
Hidden talent: a soccer foot (sometimes well needed)



Name: Paige Follett
Position: Outside Spiker
Height: 172 cm
Age: 25
Playing for Solna since: 2017
Former clubs: Stockholm Vingar
I play volleyball because… I find it very fun and I enjoy staying active. It is a good way to let go of the work day and have some fun. Also the best way to make new friends when moving to a new country.
Hidden talent: Baking



Name: Elise Nilsson
Position: Center
Height: 1.80
Age: 30
Playing for Solna since: 2013
Former clubs: Mariestad/Leksbergs volleybollklubb och kort i Västerås (Endast träning).
I play volleyball because.. it often makes me happy.
Hidden talent: I know everything about skincare, gin & tonic and graphic design.




Name: Eva Sperling
Position: Outside Hitter, Setter, Rightside, doesn’t really matter
Height: 170
Age: 29
Playing for Solna since: Autumn 2017
Former clubs: Lunds VK, VFL Marburg and some more
I play volleyball because, Mila Superstar was my childhood hero.
Hidden talent: Baking (if you can call that hidden).



Name: Aileen Sison
Position: Center/left spiker
Height: 167
Age: 35
Playing for Solna since: 2016
Former clubs: University of the East WVB, Inter Vbk Norway, Anker Volley Norway.
I play volleyball because… this is my passion after playing track and field since 5th grade then tried volleyball when i was 16. since then i dont care how many pair of shoes clothes and socks i have because this is not only passion as well as fashion for me.
Hidden talent: Wait i haven’t found it yet, it comes naturally i guess.



Name: Lucia Coppo
Position: Setter
Height: 1,67 cm
Age: 34
Playing for Solna since: 2012
Former club:  At least one for each city I leaved in.
I play volleyball because… my class mate convinced me to go to try ( she stop 4 months later).
Hidden talent: If I say it, it would not be hidden anymore.



Name: Jessica Hirvonen
Position: Spiker (left and right)
Height: 174
Age: I started to play volleyball when I was in grade 7. Though only in a school team.
Playing for Solna:  Since autumn of 2017
Former clubs: Sollentuna VK
I play volleyball because… one of my friends played and she brought me along to a practice. The rest is history!
Hidden talent: I can solve a rubiks cube and play the piano.




Name: Magda Rzepka
Position: left wing spiker
Height: 174cm
Age: 25
Playing for Solna since: 2017
Former club: KU AZS Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland).
I play volleyball because… that was my favourite sport of my PE teacher in primary school, so it became mine as well.
Hidden talent: Eating huge amounts of kanelbullar.





Name: Eleonora (Lele)
Position: Libero (mostly!)
Height: Tall enough to stay in a volleyball court 😉
Age: 27
Playing for Solna since: 2015
Former clubs: 4 in Italy…
I play volleyball because… it makes me feel good and happy. And I am a competitive person who likes working in team!
Hidden talent: I pole dance.




Name: Nina Rahkola
Position: Setter
Height: 169cm
Age: 26
Playing for Solna since: Season 2017-2018
Former club: Raision Loimu (FIN), IKA (FIN), Kokkolan Tiikerit (FIN), Himangan Urheilijat (FIN), VACS (FIN), VK (FIN), VV (FIN) etc..
I play volleyball because... it’s the only sport I like.
Hidden talent: I can peel a banana with my toes & type really fast without looking.




Name: Elina Elofsson
Position: Center
Height: 170 cm
Age: 25
Playing for Solna since: 2015
Former clubs: FVBK (Falkenbergs volleybollklubb).
I play volleyball because… it´s the most enjoyable sport.
Hidden talent: Talentless…




Name: Anne Taipale
Position: Spiker (libero, setter, whatever is needed 😉
Height: 168
Age: 27
Playing for Solna since: 2014
Former club: Former Lappeenrannan Isku (nowadays LaKi)
I play volleyball because … the team is amazing, game is fast and there is always new things to learn.
Hidden talent: Foosball




Name: Christiane (Chris)
Position: Coach
Height: 179 (in my best days)
Age: When I started to play volleyball, blocking the serve was still allowed…
Playing for Solna since: 1998-2000 and 2006-2014
Former clubs: KTH, TSG Tübingen, HTG Bad Homburg and some more
I play volleyball because they stopped offering handboll at a bike-friendly distance when I was 14
Hidden talent: Table football and juggling